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Outdoor Clutter Harbours UK Garden Rodents

While some people take amazing care of their gardens and are proactively thinking of pest problems, there are still plenty of people who aren’t. Your garden can be just as much of a hiding place for pests as your home can. Why is that? Why do garden rodents swarm to cluttered outdoor spaces?

The answer to that question is more complex than just one point. There are multiple reasons why you find pests in garden clutter and let’s take a look at why.

A Place To Call Home For UK Garden Rodents

A lot of clutter provides various pests with the perfect home. They have plenty of hiding places and all the protection they need. Whether it is from the climate, predators, or us as people. The more clutter that‘s present, the more likely that pests are going to gravitate to your garden.

Besides just being a place for shelter, many of the items UK garden rodents and foxes need to make a nest or den are present in a cluttered or unkempt garden. In fact, they will probably be able to make a better home in your garden than they will in nature if the resources are abundant.

Food Sources and Water Supply

Overgrown gardens attract smaller pests like rodents, which in turn are food for bigger pests. So by attracting the smaller pests you are also attracting larger ones. Furthermore, clutter in the form of leaves, debris, and rotting fruit are all good sources of food for pests of all sizes.

Water can also be found in cluttered gardens. All rodents need water to some degree. And it is much easier when there is clutter present. Excess outdoor objects like tarps covering grills, un-stored toys and miscellaneous bric-a-brac can catch and hold water for quite some time.

A Safe Place From Predators

Pests use cluttered gardens as a place to hide from those that might chase and eat them. Even if a pest doesn’t live in your cluttered garden, they will be frequent visitors if they feel that those that hunt them their hunters won’t be able to get to them or find them easily.

garden clutter

Much of the time, we won’t even notice UK garden rodents in a cluttered garden at first, because it is hard to see them. Your cluttered garden is also protecting them from you. And keeping you from awareness of the destruction they can cause!

UK Garden Rodents Prevention is Best

Think about all of the points we have discussed. Many of these factors are the same reasons that a pest might seek out your home for a place to hide out. If you want to keep your garden free of pests you have to declutter it just like you would declutter your home to prevent pests indoors.

If you haven’t managed to do preventative measures in time, and are having a problem with garden pests, you might need to consult our experts here at Diamond Pest Control. Gardens are even harder to get pests out of because UK garden rodents have the freedom to roam and hide. Pest control experts have access to a wide variety of tools that allow them to better hunt these annoying (and often harmful) creatures.

Now you know why pests like your garden better when it is cluttered, you know that it is essential to maintain and keep it clean. Think about all of the things you likely have in your garden. How much of it do you actually need out there?


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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