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Will A Wasps Nest Damage My House?

When you think of household pests, wasps nests may not be something that immediately comes to mind. Most indoor settings are troubled by pests such as rodents, cockroaches, or ants. Wasps are generally seen as outdoors pests. That being said, this isn’t always the case.

Wasps will often build their nests inside the house. This happens in places like attics, wall cavities, or even beneath floorboards. While this is in itself undesirable, the question really is this: will a wasps nest damage my house? If you’re currently dealing with wasps, then this is something you may have asked yourself.

In what ways will a wasps nest damage my house?

Will a wasps nest damage my house? The answer to this question is actually yes and no. In general, wasps nests do not do much damage. These pests are not destructive in the way that rodents or birds can be. Despite this, there are times when they can cause damage.

wasp nest

For example, a little known wasp nest fact is that damage can occur when the nest becomes damp. A damp nest will spread moisture to whatever it’s attached to. This will allow the materials of your house to weaken, and they can eventually collapse if the problem is severe. This is often the case if the nest is attached to a ceiling.

Another problem with wasps, is that many species chew through materials like wood. They often do this when building their nest or laying eggs. Over time, this can weaken things like roof beams and walls. It may also cause cracks in your walls and this can allow other pests to enter.

How serious is the treat of damage to my home?

Will a wasps nest damage my house? Normally speaking, the answer is not all that often. What it really depends on is the size of the wasps nest. Small nests are not going to cause much damage. On the other hand, larger nests will cause more damage. Part of the damage problem with having these insects nests inside the home is removing the nest off of whatever surface it’s attached to.

will a wasps nest damage my house

The main issue with wasps indoors isn’t so much about damage, but that they are dangerous to humans. Remember, wasps, unlike bees, do not die after stinging. This means that their attacks are far more serious. This is especially true if you’re allergic to their stings. Ultimately, no matter how big the nest is, it should be immediately removed by a trained London wasp control professional. The faster this is done, the less damage their will be to your home and the lower the danger. So, if you were wondering will a wasps nest damage my house, then yes, it does happen.


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