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5 Most Common Bathroom Pests

There are many reasons why bathrooms are extremely susceptible to pest invasions. The first is that they provide bathroom pests with an ample supply of water, which they need to survive. The second is that there are many dark and damp areas in bathrooms, which attract pests that thrive in moist environments.

A third reason is that bathrooms can be extremely humid. The heat from showers and baths create this humidity, and insects breed more successfully in humid conditions. Finally, bathrooms also contain detritus, mould and mildew. This can provide sustenance for bathroom pests. Which is one more reason why they are so attracted to this area.

common bathroom pests in london

The bathroom is also a room where people are absent for long periods. You don’t live or sleep in your bathroom, so pests can live in relative peace. This means that bathroom pests can exist and multiply freely.

So what are the most common bathroom pests?

Bathroom pests can become a big problem for many homeowners. We have a wide variety of creatures that find our bath and shower rooms irresistible in the UK. Some of these include:


Spiders favour bathrooms because there are so many places where they can hide and spin webs. They also like to feed on the other insects that live in your bathroom, so you may have a spider invasion where food is abundant for them. Under your sink, behind the toilet, under your bath and in the shower are all places where they can live undisturbed.


Cockroaches love to hide under bathroom sinks, especially if you have a cupboard there. They also like to hide inside cracks in walls, or under cracked tiles which have lifted up. These insects rarely originate in bathrooms though, and will usually move there from another area of your house.

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Silverfish are often found in bathrooms. As their name suggests, they look like tiny silver fish with long antennas. Silverfish are attracted by humidity and water, and can often be spotted around bath plug holes where water accumulates. These creatures are harmless, but can cause damage to household paper items.

Drain flies

These insects can often be seen flying around your sink or toilet. They live in bathrooms because of the heat and water supply. Not only that, they can also live off the organic matter in your toilet and toilet pipes, which makes them particularly disgusting. Your bathroom is basically the perfect environment for certain pests to live in.


Rats are sometimes found in bathrooms as well. There’s a good reason for this. You see, believe it or not, they can actually make their way into your toilet pipe, and come up through the bowl. While this might sound horrifying, it happens more often than people think. This issue really does need professional London rat control at the earliest possible opportunity.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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