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Danger Of Rats Invading This Winter

Rats are a massive year round problem both in homes and business settings. Unfortunately, there are certain times of the year when this problem becomes far worse than it already is. A good example of this is during winter. In fact, there’s a good chance of rats invading many London properties as rat problems get worse this winter.

Why rats invading your home is a possibility

There are several reasons why you may find rats invading during the cold season. The most simple reason is because rats often have difficultly surviving when it’s freezing outside. During this period, food becomes scarce and harder to find. There’s also an issue with exposure. While rats are generally able to withstand colder temperatures, they may have difficultly doing so.

rat in street

By moving into your property, they solve both these problems. Rats are able to steal food from your kitchens or food stocks, and shelter in the relatively warm environment. As well as this, rats invading your premises may cause other issues. For example, rats will seek materials for building their nests. This can lead to them damaging items such as furniture.

Once rats have made themselves at home inside your property, they proceed to multiply at a rapid pace. Even if you start with one or two rats, you may soon have an infestation on your hands. It is advisable to act sooner than later by enlisting London rat control experts like Diamond.

Rat problems can be even worse for businesses

Rats invading commercial properties can cause even more problems than they do in homes. The issue here is that the infestation may go unnoticed for many months. This is mostly because people don’t actually live in the business. Rats sneak out at night, damage property and stock, and breed at their leisure. It’s often only when the problem gets out of hand that people notice the rats.

This is why it’s so important that you implement pest control measures. If the rats are already inside, then we can help to exterminate them. We can also help with issues such as pest proofing and maintenance. With pest proofing, we take steps to block rats from returning, or prevent them from taking hold in the first place. This includes things like sealing up entry points and setting traps. By doing this, you ensure that you property remains free of vermin, thus avoiding the problem of rats invading during winter.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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