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How And Where Do Mice Build Nests?

If there are mice in your home, and you’re attempting to confirm this, it helps to know where to look. But where do mice build nests? The primary concern for mice when building their nests is finding someplace private. This means building their nests where other animals (such as yourself) do not often go. The majority of the time this will be in places that are dark, warm and hidden away, but close to the things that attract mice to your house in the first place.

Where do mice build nests? The most common areas

Where do mice build nests? Start by thinking about where they construct their nests in the wild. Mice usually build nests in underground areas. These are called burrows. Their nests are made out of grass, twigs, bark and leaves. Mice may also choose long grass, bushes or anywhere else they can dig into.

where do mice build nests

Next, think about how these nests might be adapted to your home. They want to find a place that mimics where they live outside. What this means is that the obvious answer to where do mice build nests is under the floorboards. You’ll often find them burrowing into the soft, warm ground beneath your house. Another common living area is in your ceiling. The insulation in your ceiling is perfect for burrowing and hiding away. This is why the most common symptom of mice are noises coming from the ceiling. These and other signs indicate that you may need to take mouse control measures before the problem gets worse.

Nest building materials, behaviours and habitats

When living in your home, mice will use human materials to build their nests. This includes materials like newspapers and cardboard. Anything that is soft or pliable is perfect for nest construction. They also love to use parcel packaging. Furniture stuffing is another favourite, along with the soft material insulation is made from. This may be one of the mouse facts you weren’t aware of.

mouse in a london garden

Mice may also choose to live in garages, or even the cupboards under your sink. Sometimes you’ll also find then hiding away under large pieces of furniture or white goods. This is especially true if that furniture is against a wall. Mice stay close to walls when moving around. Furniture that is near walls provides them with the perfect entry and exit points.

Finally, another answer to where do mice build nests is that they often inhabit is your garden. They enjoy living in bushes and undergrowth that are adjacent the walls of your house. From there, they can easily enter into your home to scrounge for food and building materials.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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