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food attracts mice to your home

What Attracts Mice To Your Home?

Mice are cute little creatures to many people. But they are only cute when you keep them as a pet or see them in nature at a distance. They aren’t so cute when they end up in your house. What attracts mice to your home?

Let’s explore this question in more depth, along with how you can reduce the likelihood of that happening.

So What Is Attracting Those Mice?


Food is one of the biggest attractants for all pests. That includes mice. Food left out, crumbs, rubbish containers that haven’t been emptied, spills and messes, can all attract mice to a home. Grease, and other food remnants that we don’t often consider, attract mice too.

Cluttered Homes

Cluttered homes are not necessarily dirty ones, but a lot of clutter does make it hard to clean properly. Crumbs and other items that attract mice build up and you quickly end up with a problem. The other thing about clutter – even in the cleanest of home – is it gives mice a safe place to hide away and settle in.

clutter attracts mice

Easy Access

Mice love places that they can easily get into. That means holes in walls, doors that aren’t properly sealed, and similar access points. Think about it like this…the easier food and shelter are to get to, the more likely they will be to try and take advantage of these resources.

Looking For Warmth

Animals of all kinds, including pests, desire the perfect living climate. For mice, that means a source of warmth. If a mouse can get into your home and it finds that your home is warm, they will make it their home too.

How Can You Keep Mice Out?

Block All Entry Points

We mentioned ease of access above. When trying to prevent mice and combat an existing mouse problem, you want to eliminate as many entry points as possible. Fill holes, use wire mesh, and properly seal your entryways.

Have A Predator In Your Home

Mice don’t want to be around those that hunt them. The most common household pets are often mice predators. Cats are a prime example. A cat will help to keep mice away. They are the exact opposite of what attracts mice to your home!

london cat with a mouse

Clean, Clean, Clean

Now you know what attracts mice to your home, we need to take those incentives away.

As we already mentioned, food is one of the biggest motivators of all pests. Cleaning your home and removing clutter will prevent mice from wanting to come to your house, and choose your neighbour‘s property instead. While cleaning won’t necessarily get rid of mice in itself, you can’t start to tackle a mouse problem until you have a scrupulous regime.

Make sure to keep it up. Regular vacuuming, organisation, and taking out the rubbish will all help to prevent mice from returning once your Diamond pest control technician has worked his magic.

Proper Food Storage

Keeping food in sealed containers helps to prevent pests from smelling it. Any in-home composting should be fully sealed to prevent the smell from getting out. Don’t leave any food related items lying around uncovered.

Pest Control Services

Whether you want help and advice about mouse proofing, or you have an active infestation, Diamond‘s pest control services are one of the most effective ways to combat mice. Our experts not only know the right methods to use, but also can help identify potential attractants for pests.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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