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pest problems will cost money

Long Term Results Of Virus Pest Problems

Many of you may be wondering how the coronavirus crisis will affect pest problems. There’s almost no part of society that hasn’t been effected by this epidemic. From our jobs to the economy, health services and beyond, everything and everyone is suffering. What this also means, is that pest problems are being exacerbated.

Remember, pest control services have only recently been deemed as essential by the government. And in any case, there are still fewer pest control technicians working overall. This is likely to lead to more pests and greater issues with these pests. It will also make getting rid of them harder once the crises is over.

How might COVID-19 make pest problems worse?

There are hardly any people on the streets of London. This means that pests are free to roam the deserted spaces and infest places they wouldn’t do normally.

mice on london streets

For the first time in perhaps hundreds of years, pests can move around outdoors without having to fear humans. They can feed and breed without any hindrance. This means their numbers could increase significantly by the time this crises is under control. Once lockdown is fully lifted, unused indoor and outdoor areas will have to be cleared of pests. This could take a tremendous amount of time and effort.

While there are some lockdown pest prevention methods that are effective, all of this may have a knock on effect. Pests can destroy and contaminate food supplies and can also damage critical infrastructure. All of this will make dealing with and recovering from the coronavirus crisis even more difficult.

Long and short term consequences

Another issue is with wasps and their nests. Right now it’s spring, but we will soon be going into summer. This means that wasps are emerging. Their nests could soon become a problem if adequate pest control measures aren’t taken to do something about it.

park closed in london

By the time lockdown and self-isolation are over, pests may have caused considerable damage. They may have already cost businesses a lot of money. Certain pests like pigeons and rats are capable of causing thousands of pounds of damage to buildings. And insects like cockroaches can carry diseases. What’s more, these and other pests can also harm shops, restaurants and other businesses. They can destroy various types of stock left inside. 

It’s said that this virus will eventually cost the world trillions in damages. And that it could take decades to recover from. Included, in this figure will be the consequences of pest problems. And, although this may seem like an insignificant problem in comparison with the larger issues at stake, it will undoubtedly have some difficult long term effects.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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