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7 Lockdown Pest Prevention Tips

Pest prevention is more important than ever during the COVID-19 lockdown. We are all spending increased amounts of time at home.

The last thing anyone wants to have to deal with right now is a pest infestation. Which is why it’s important that you maintain a pest free home during this crisis.

You’re also going to have a lot of free time during this period. The government has told people to stay at home unless it is essential. his makes it perfect for carrying out a whole range of household tasks. And, as a result, activities that keep pests away will probably end up on your list.

Easy pest prevention you can do during lockdown

1. Be careful when stockpiling food. because large stores of food can attract pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches. Make sure that your stores of food are kept in a safe place where pests cannot get at them. Consequently, your food will be more secure.

cleaning a london flat

2. Take out your rubbish. You’re allowed to at least go outside to the dustbin. Do this frequently, and make sure to put it in sealed bags so that pests can’t get at it. Remember, rubbish, especially food waste, is the number one thing that attracts pests. You should also get rid of clutter. Pests love to hide in piles of clutter. Lockdown is a great time to sort through and organise any clutter or has accumulated in your home.

3. The next tip is to keep your kitchen clean and pest proof. The biggest reason why people get pests is because their kitchen isn’t as clean as it could be. Never go to bed without cleaning your kitchen counters because crumbs and spills attract pests.. And make sure that all food is properly contained. The best prevention tip is to keep your whole home spotless and hygienic at all times. Make sure your home is neat and tidy in general. Vacuum carpets, clean under furniture and wash linen regularly. The cleaner your home is, the fewer pests you’ll have.

4. Avoid leaving water around for pests. This is because, like all creatures, pests need water to survive. To prevent them from thriving, never leave water standing overnight. Also make sure to mop up spills, dry sinks and fix leaking taps.

breakfast spills

5. Block entry into your home. This is because any openings that pests could use to enter into your home should be sealed up. This includes cracks, gaps and holes in walls, doors and windows. Also seal up the gap around pipes and wires.

6. Don’t bring outside stuff indoors from the garden without inspecting it for insects first. This includes any toys or objects that have been left outside for extended periods of time. Clean these thoroughly before bringing them inside.

7. Keeping your garden in good order is good for pest prevention. Be aware that garden clutter harbour rodents. An overgrown garden is the perfect place for pests like rats to hide. Attracted by food sources and the shelter an overgrown garden brings, these pests can eventually make their way into your home and rat control in London is not as available during the coronavirus lockdown. Therefore, to prevent this happening, keep grass, trees and shrubs trimmed, and routinely clear rubbish from your garden.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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