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Protecting Your Property From Rats

Protecting your property from rats is highly important. Unless you’ve actually experienced these pests, you probably have no idea how damaging they are capable of being. Rats have literally torn apart people’s home in some cases. This is mostly because they chew on everything. They also breed at an exponential rate. But how can a homeowner get started with protecting their property against rats?

Steps for protecting your property against rats

The first step in protecting your property against rats, is to prevent them from getting in. Once rats get in it’s often too late. To prevent this, you need to seal up every potential entry point. This includes drains and pipes. If you have any holes in your walls, then these should be closed up. Also, take the time to plaster up even the smallest cracks. Remember, rats can squeeze through even the tiniest gap, so everything should be sealed up. In the case of drains and pipes, you can stop rats by placing a wire screen.

drain in london garden

You may also want to look into rat blockers such as installing a rat flap. These are basically metal or plastic caps which fit over the ends of your drainpipes. These flaps operate one way. This means they open outwards when water is flowing out, but once water has stopped flowing, they close back up, which prevents rats from getting in. It’s also important that you drain all standing bodies of water around the property. These can attract rats and should never be left exposed.

Which areas should you pay attention to?

Protecting your property against rats also means monitoring certain out of the way areas. For example, rats can often go undetected in your garage. Rats that infest garages can often cause immense damage to cars. For this reason, you should periodically check your garage for signs of rodent activity.

You may also want to proactively leave deterrents in there. If rats have repeatedly attacked your car, then consider investing in rat mats. This are basically electrified mats that can be placed around the garage. They deliver electric shocks when rats walk over them, and this keep these pests away from your vehicles.

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At the same time, make sure to check places like your shed and under decking. Rats often gather in these places, where they like to nest and can quickly multiply. This is especially important if you’re storing important items in your shed that need safeguarding from damage.

In addition, make sure to keep your garden tidy. Do not let it become overgrown or leave piles of garden rubbish lying around. Basically, the key to protecting your property against rats is to not attract them in the first place. If you need more tips or advice, our specialist London rat control team are on hand to answer any questions 24/7.


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