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rat flaps for drains

The Benefits Of Rat Flaps For Drains

You’ve probably read in the media that rat numbers have been going up during the pandemic. The best way to control rats is to stop them from getting into your home in the first place. As you know, drains and sewers are infested these vermin. In fact, most of the rats in the UK live in our sewer system. This means that rats frequently enter homes and businesses through drains. One way to prevent this from happening is with rat flaps for drains. But do these really work and what are the benefits of installing them?

What exactly are rat flaps for drains?

Rat flaps for drains are essentially a steel cylinder which fits over the ends of pipes, drains or gutters. Inside this cylinder is a flap. This flap has a hinge which only allows it to open one way. This means the flap can open to allow water out, and then closes to prevent rats from entering.

rat numbers in sewer

But do they work? In our experience, rat flaps for drains are highly effective. They are able to stop almost all rats from entering through your drains and gutters. Yes, there will be times where the flow of water causes the flat to open. But the force of water will usually prevent an opportunistic rat from making its way up the drain. Another great advantage of these flaps, is that they stop rats from getting into your property via your toilet. This is something that is happening more and more often as rats become emboldened. Of all the common bathroom pests, this is one you probably least expect.

Using flaps to prevent and eliminate rats

What’s also great about these flaps is that they are often made from steel. This prevents rats from chewing through them. It also means they can last for decades. Rat flaps are a permanent, long term pest prevention solution that’s definitely worth investing in. Especially for large businesses.

drain pipe without rat flap

These contraptions work immediately to prevent rats accessing your property via the drainage system in the first place. They also help to eliminate rats that are already inside your building. Once the rat leaves, it is no longer able to get back in via that route. This means it may even be possible to eventually get rid of an existing rat problem.

One thing to mention about rat flaps for drains is that they usually need to be custom fitted. This is not a one size fits all solution. Drains and gutters come in all different shapes and sizes. In order to utilise these flaps, you’ll need to contact a professional company like Diamond. We can fit and supply them as part of our London rat control service. That being said, this is an extremely straight forward task. The job can be done and the flap installed in no time at all.


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