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Cleaning Carpet for pest control

Spring Clean And Declutter For Pest Control

As Coronavirus hits London, many of us will need to stay at home. The more active among us will be challenged by the need to socially distance and self-isolate. And with the sunny weather of spring, a lot of people will be indoors putting their pent up energy into spring cleaning.  

As well as keeping our homes well sanitised, thorough cleaning and organisation will also help to prevent pests.

The warmer weather and time on our hands may give us the opportunity to go through your home from top to bottom and deep clean the entire place. This way you can get rid of any pests that you have, and generate some pest proofing hygiene as well. Not to mention you will have a home that’s sparkling clean as well.

Unnecessary items and pest control

The first pest control spring cleaning tip is to throw out clutter you have accumulated over the year. This can be hard, but it needs to be done. People usually hold onto things because they think: “I might need this one day.” But the fact is that if you haven’t used something in six months you’re probably not going to.

Garage Storage in London house

Remember, the more stuff that you have, the more dark hidden places there are for pests to hide. So don’t be afraid to throw things away. You should also declutter places that very rarely see the light of day. This can include sheds, garages, attics and basements, and also cupboards.

Ideally you should empty every cupboard or shelf, clean it, kill or remove any pests that you find there, then put back everything you want to keep.

This regime can also include anything that you have stored away. For example, boxes of clothes or other items. Pests can get into these boxes and set up home. What’s more, they can live there undisturbed and breed for years.

Clean those floors and carpets

The second pest control spring cleaning tip is to thoroughly clean flooring, rugs and carpets. Dirty carpets have ground in dirt and other food that can attract pests. Not only that, very few people realise how important it is to take care of their carpets. The fact is, that the more often you clean your carpets, the longer they will last.

Household cleaning items

Dirty carpets don’t just attract pests like mice and cockroaches. They also harbour pests that like to live in them. Carpet moths lay eggs in rugs and carpets. This is because their larvae, once hatched, eat natural fibres. Other pests like dust mites and fleas can also live in carpet pile.

Do your curtains and furniture

Along with carpets you should also clean your curtains. This is a big task,  but taking down and cleaning your curtains once a year is a must do job. Pests often hide behind and in the folds of curtains.

Cleaning them will help to get rid of these pests. And when it comes to pest control for furniture, you can steam clean the upholstery. Also move your furniture and clean beneath it.

There are a lot of things in this post to keep you pest free – and busy – during your stay at home. While keeping yourself protected from the current situation, we will ride it out together as a community. We wish all our customers a safe and healthy spring. You can visit the NHS website ff you need further Coronavirus safety information. And if you have any questions at all relating to pests at this time, feel free to ring us and we will gladly give you pest control advice.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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