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Stockpile Food That Attracts Rodents

Many of us are self-isolating due to coronavirus at the moment. And because of the current lockdown, people have also been stockpiling a supply of food and provisions. They’ve most likely done this in case things get worse, or the lockdown is extended. Or so that they don’t have to go outside, visit the supermarket and risk infection. The thing is though, that you may have unwittingly stockpiled food that attracts rodents.

What you need to understand is that large stores of food are particularly attractive to various types of pests, including rats, mice and cockroaches. We all need to be need to be extra vigilant about pest control during the COVID-19 crisis.

food that attracts rodent

Foods that are more likely to attract rodents can include things like dried goods such as beans, pasta, oats, rice and various breakfast cereals. Even though they are dry and hard, rats and mice love eating these foods.

Other food that attracts rodents can includes things like dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Not only that, watch out for treats which rats love like sweet or savoury snacks.

Why you need to be careful when stockpiling food

If you’re stockpiling these types of foods, then you probably have more than you can fit in your kitchen cupboards. This means you may have resorted to storing them in places like your garage, shed or attic. This is a really bad idea, because these are the type of environments where rodents like to set up home. They are also places where you’re not likely to go very often. This means that rats and mice will have the opportunity to nibble at your stores unnoticed and without being disturbed. Before long, you may start to notice signs of rats in your loft or have to deal with rats in your garden shed..

If you leave food unattended in remote places, you a will, basically, have laid on a buffet for these creatures. And then left them to have a feast. So, do be aware of the risks.

supermarket cereals aisle

if you’re storing any of the aforementioned foods, make sure you’ve put them into airtight sealed containers. Preferably plastic. Also try to put them somewhere that pests like rodents are unlikely to get to then, like a spare bedroom or study.  

This is important because rats and mice are already common in London. If they eat or destroy your stockpile, you could be in serious trouble. Remember, rodents can spread dangerous diseases. Anything that they break into will have to be thrown away. It’s not a case of shrugging your shoulders and eating the food anyway! You could also lose your supply of provisions and be back at square one. So, be very careful when storing food that attracts rodents and other household pests.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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