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seagulls are a pest

Summer Pests That Can Drive You Mad

As you are probably aware, the UK is home to various pests during the summer months. Both big and small. Some, it must be said, are more annoying than others.

While some are mildly infuriating, other summer pests – with their incessant perseverance and irritating characteristics – can drive you mad!

Which are the worst though? Below we have put together our list of the most irritating – and why they’ve made the list. See if you agree.

Wasps – Beware of Stingers

Above all other summer pests, the most pervasive and madness-inducing must be wasps. Okay, they do help with pollination. But they are nothing short of incredibly annoying when you are trying to enjoy a nice pint or fresh summer cocktail in a beer garden. Or a BBQ or picnic. It does rather spoil the mood when they are buzzing around the place.

Wasps don’t seem to take the hint. Even when you are frantically batting your hand to tell them to leave you alone. Being on edge of your seat from the threat of being stung does not a relaxing afternoon make.

Seagulls – Ruin Your Holiday

If you were expecting pigeons to feature somewhere in this list of infuriating summer pests, we can see why, because they are. But, in our opinion, seagulls are more irritating in summer.

Their scavenger nature can lead to more than a bag of chips of two being lost when you’re at the seaside. You may well find yourself trying to protect yourself from a nip from their ferocious beaks.

Flies – The Worst Summer Pests?

It’s fair to say that flies are not as instantly dangerous to us as wasps. However, they do seem to have it in their makeup to be the most annoying insect in the world.

summer flies in london garden

Like wasps, they hover around food and get up in our faces and land on our skin. And, like they’ve got some invisible bungee cord attached to them, returning to the same spot almost as quickly as we chase them away.

Squirrels – Not So Cute

Squirrels are so cute and cuddly, aren’t they? On Countryfile or the opening credits of The Great British Bake Off, certainly they are. However, when they are looking to make themselves a cosy nest in your roof, and chewing through everything from your insulation to your electrical cables, they are a real pain. It’s not just their ability to chew through just about anything. It’s their stubborn attitude of being unmovable without some serious pest control strategy that really makes them a menace. A menace that can quite often lead to insanity!

If you are being pestered and provoked by any of these or more, give Diamond a call. We deal with infestations of all shapes and sizes. We also help out with sound telephone advice on 020 8889 1036.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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