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The Best Food To Catch Mice

Do you have a mouse problem during lockdown? If so, you may have set up traps around your house. Mice infestations are a health risk, so you will want to get rid of them fast. But, you might be wondering: What is the best food to catch mice?

Contrary to popular belief, cheese is not always the greatest option. In fact, mice are not even particularly fond of cheese. That being said, what should you be using then?

So, what is the best food to catch mice exactly?

There are a wide variety of baits which you can use in mouse traps. These include:

Nuts and seeds

In the wild, mice mostly live on nuts and seeds. This means they are excellent baits to use in traps. You can use any type of nuts or seeds. The bird feed found in supermarkets is also suitable.


Mice love sugary treats. And believe it or not, one of their favourite treats is the same as that of many human! Chocolate is often the best food to catch mice.

chocolate bar

They also love maple syrup, honey, jam, molasses and soft sweets like jelly beans or wine gums. Mice definitely seem to have a sweet tooth.

Meat products

Surprisingly, various types of meat products also work well to catch mice. You can set your traps with pieces of hot dog – these don’t need to be cooked – as well as bacon. You can also try bacon grease and beef jerky. Salami and ham work well too.

Cat or dog  food

Wet pet food is also some of the best food to catch mice. Pet food is specifically made to appeal to your pets. This means that mice love it as well. This is one of the more obscure facts about house mice you might not know about.

Peanut butter

According to experts, peanut butter is by far the best food to catch mice. They naturally like the crunchy nuttiness. And they also love the sugary sweetness of peanut butter too.

best food to catch mice is peanut butter

In fact, peanut butter is the perfect meal for them. Simply dolloping a large scoop of peanut butter on the trap is one of the things that attract mice.

Find out which food works best for you

If your traps aren’t working then, experiment with the baits listed above. You might also want to consider using live capture traps. Believe it or not, traditional mouse traps are actually woefully ineffective. Mice quickly learn to avoid snap traps and glue traps.

Not only that, kill traps rarely actually exterminate the mice outright. It often takes hours for the animal to actually die. So all the while it suffers in agonising pain. So if you have a mouse problem, consider using live capture traps with tasty, attractive bait. These are a far better alternative.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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