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The Twelve Pests Of Christmas

12 bed bugs biting

No adult or child wants to wake up on Christmas morning with bed bug bites. These insects keep warm in your home and thrive by feasting on you. Our treatment solution is extremely effective and fast – so call us if bed bugs are bothering you this Christmas.

11 fleas-a-jumping

Fleas are not bothered by what time of year it is – they keep warm on their hosts or in your heated home. Their bites irritate humans just as much as they do cats and dogs.

10 ants-a-foraging

You wouldn’t usually expect ants at Christmas, but they can in fact appear at any time of year. Take care during the festive season not to leave any crumbs on the counter or floor to attract them.

9 crawling cockroaches

Cockroaches are very hardy insects and can thrive almost anywhere, so long as they have moisture and a source of food. Although not the most common pest in UK homes, once they have settled in, it is particularly difficult to get rid of cockroaches.

mice like nuts

8 moths-a-laying

It’s not the moths themselves that cause damage to fabrics – it’s the caterpillars that hatch out of the eggs they lay. You don’t want to pull out your Christmas jumper or tablecloth from storage to find it full of holes.

7 mice causing mischief

Mice can thrive at Christmas – all the extra food means there might be plenty for them, and the wrapping paper can be used to build nests. Chocolates are often left out and this can be a feast for these rodents.

6 pecking pigeons

Pigeons can cause damage to your property – for example gutters can get bunged up with their feathers and nest debris. Plus, their acidic dropping can cause erosion to buildings.

5 gnawing rats

No one wants rats in their home, but these creatures sometimes find their way in. Call us immediately if this happens to you. You must protect your family from the diseases that invading winter rats can spread.

christmas mice

4 flies-a-flying

Common house flies are usually absent in winter, but we do see exceptions to this. Hopefully you made sure that you cleared your home of pests before Christmas this year, so there are fewer reasons for flies to be a problem.

3 scratching squirrels

You may not think of squirrels as pests, but if they build a nest in your loft, you’ll realise why they can become one. They cause a mess, gnaw on wood and leave droppings.

2 foxes barking

Keep outdoor bins securely closed to avoid foxes getting into them and making a mess. You may have extra rubbish at Christmas – not to mention fewer bin collections on odd days. So, be mindful of your rubbish!

And a queen wasp hibernating in your house

A queen wasp (twice as large as a normal wasp) needs to spend the winter somewhere undisturbed. She is likely to build her nest in this location once the weather warms up, so don’t let one cosy up with you this winter.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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