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Top Signs Of Infestation By Insects

How do you know you’re being infested by insects? Well, the biggest problem with insects is that they’re tiny. They also like to hide away from humans Many insects are nocturnal pests that only come out at night. This means that most of the time you won’t actually notice that insects are infesting your property. So, instead of looking for the insects themselves, you need to spot signs of infestation by insects. When doing this, look out of the following things:

Some common signs of infestation by insects


Signs of infestation by insects like cockroaches include their droppings, skin and eggs. Cockroach droppings appear as tiny black grains. These look similar to coffee grounds or black pepper. Their skin almost looks like a type of thin, brown cigarette paper, and their eggs look like transparent brown capsules.


The biggest sign of fleas is that you‘ve got itchy flea bites. Another big sign is that your cat or dog is constantly scratching themselves. Fleas are one of the most harmful pet pests to have in your home.

cat scratching with fleas

You may also notice fleas hopping about in the pile of your carpets, furniture or curtains. Fleas can also leave behind microscopic flea dirt which looks like tiny reddish-black dust particles.

Bed bugs

Signs of infestation by insects such as bed bugs include rash-like bites on your body. You may also see blood stains on your sheets or pillow cases. Also look out for discarded bed bug shells, or an unexplained musty odour in your bedroom.


If you have an ant infestation, you’ll usually see trails of them crawling around your kitchen. If you only see one ant, it may be a sign of more to come. Ants send out scouts to check out a property in advance!! You may also see piles of dirt on your lawn in the garden, which indicates the entrance to a nest underground.


Wasps can be a huge problem during the warmer season. Signs of infestation by insects like wasps includes spotting a larger than usual number of these insects in your garden.

wasps in the garden

You may also see wasps hanging around your dustbins. Pay attention which direction they head. If the wasps are all going in a one direction, it could indicate the presence of a nest.


The most noticeable sign of moths is holes in your clothing. This is especially true if the clothing is made from wool, silk, fur or leather. You may also notice the cocoons which moths emerge from, or larvae crawling around. These are most often seen in your clothing cupboards and may indicate the need for moth control services.


Maggots are usually the first sign of a coming fly infestation. Fly maggots are white and about 2-5mm long. You may spot these inside your dustbin or on the floor of your kitchen. An increase in the sighting of flies may also herald a coming infestation.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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