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Did You Know Flies Have Superpowers?

Most people find it utterly disgusting to have flies in the house, and they are universally loathed. That being said, these pests are fascinating creatures in their own right and do have some truly incredible features. You could even say that flies have superpowers. For example, did you know that flies have the following abilities?

Flies have superpowers like you won’t believe

They can defy gravity

Isn’t it amazing how flies can walk upside down on ceilings? The reason why flies have superpowers such as this is because of their legs. These legs have two large pads at the end of them. These pads are covered in claw-like hairs, but it’s not this that allows them to stick to ceilings. No, instead, it’s an oily substance produced by these hairs. This substance is almost like glue, and it’s this that enables flies to seemingly defy gravity.

They have compound eyes

Compound eyes are basically thousands of small eyes put together. These eyes are one of the biggest reasons why it seems like flies have superpowers. You see, their eyes give them dozens of advantages. For starters, flies have a gigantic field of vision.

close up of fly

They can see across 360 degrees, and detect even the slightest movement. This is another reason why flies are so hard to kill and why it’s difficult to stop flies infesting propertiesMost importantly, these eyes are used when flying. They enable the fly to set a course and change direction in milliseconds. These eyes are basically why you cannot grab hold of a fly in motion.

They have mobile heads

Another weird fact about flies is that their heads are complete mobile. This means they can turn their heads in a complete circle. This is extremely useful because it allows flies to see in all directions at once. This is also why it’s so difficult to sneak up on flies.

They can taste through their legs

Did you know that a flies taste receptors are located in their feet? This is extremely useful because it means that flies can taste food simply by walking across it.

fly on food

For many homeowners this doesn’t bear thinking about, which is an ever greater reason to get pest control for flies if you have them in your home or business. They can spread diseases and bacteria to the food they land on.

They can reach amazing heights

Just like superman, flies can soar into the heavens. According to researchers, these pests have been found to reach heights of 2,000 feet. Not only that, when the weather is good they have been known go as far up as 6,000 feet.

They can detect carbon dioxide

Flies have highly advanced senses. With these senses, they can detect certain gases, for example carbon dioxide. This is useful because it allows them to detect nearby animals and humans.


Sally has been writing on the subject of pest control for 4 years. She always carries out extensive and in depth research and always tries to bring you the most up to date, interesting topics.

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